Current Students

Sooji Kim MS African Studies, University of Oxford
DSP focus: power relations and interactions between various development partners in Africa at the local, national and global levels
Upenyu Majee MS Education Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
DSP focus: education and development
Lauren Marino MA, Gender, Globalization and Rights, NationalUniversity of Ireland, Galway
DSP focus: gender, work, and empowerment in Uganda
Supaluck Pornkulwat MA Anthropology, Thammasat University
DSP focus: economic development in China; exploring the expansion of Thai agribusiness in China's agroindustry
Nancy Rydberg MA Development Management and Policy, Georgetown University
DSP focus: education in conflict-affected area; in particular how female headed households' livelihood opportunities in northern Uganda are affecting their children's schooling
Allison Sambo MIPA, International Public Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle
DSP focus: how economic policies, systems of governance and environments influence the health and well-being of women
Madhumanti Sardar MA Urban Rural Community Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences; MP Planning and Development, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
DSP focus: informal work in the formal sector and institutions of the state in the context of liberalization in India
Matthew Zinsli MA, Environmental Studies, University of Illinois at Sprinfield
DSP focus: tropical commodity chains, smallholder indigenous producers, agroecosystems