Current Students

Dawit Kebede MSc, Development and Resource Economics, University of Life Sciences, Norway
DSP focus: trade, manufacturing employment, and economic growth in Ethiopia
Abdul Rehman Khan MA Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University
DSP focus: governance issues pertaining to social, economical and political development in the less developed countries, especially the South Asian and Southeast Asian region
Suyeon Lee MA International Commerce, Seoul National University
DSP focus: agriculture and economic development
Upenyu Majee MS Education Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
DSP focus: education and development
Supaluck Pornkulwat MA Anthropology, Thammasat University
DSP focus: economic development in China; exploring the expansion of Thai agribusiness in China's agroindustry
Nancy Rydberg MA Development Management and Policy, Georgetown University
DSP focus: education in conflict-affected area; in particular how female headed households' livelihood opportunities in northern Uganda are affecting their children's schooling
Madhumanti Sardar MA Urban Rural Community Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences; MP Planning and Development, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
DSP focus: informal work in the formal sector and institutions of the state in the context of liberalization in India