MEO Fellowship Fund

Meg McLane

For more than thirty years, UW-Madison graduate students from developing countries benefited from an annual fellowship known simply (and anonymously) as the MEO Fellowship. The MEO was the gift of Margaret "Meg" McLane, who became acquainted with the details of challenges facing developing nations while conducting her own doctoral research in West Africa. DSP students won the award several times during this period, and in accordance with Dr. McLane's wishes, the fellowship has been reserved for students in DSP since 2000.

On May 5, 2006, Dr. McLane converted her annual gift into an endowment to support this fellowship in perpetuity. The announcement was made at the 2006 DSP Alumni Day, where this commemorative photo was taken. Several Development Studies MEO Fellowship recipients were on hand for the announcement, and no doubt all former recipients will be as delighted as they were to hear of this generous gift.

Dr. McLane's gifts to the endowment now total more than $250,000. To fully fund a one-semester fellowship in perpetuity requires an endowment with principal of more than $300,000. Our hope is thus to raise at least an additional $50,000, and our long-term goal is to raise the additional sum needed so the MEO Fellowship will cover an entire academic year rather than only one semester. You can help by making a gift to the MEO Fund. Meg McLane will match your contributions dollar for dollar to help reach this goal.