Dissertation Titles of Recent Graduates

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  • Mera, Janina
    Does Solidarity Matter? Social capital in land reform settlements in the northeast of Brazil
  • Polynice, Gergens
    Estimating the Predictive Effects of Price Subsidies and Organizational Ties on Tree Fruit Production in Haiti
  • Okorie, Victor Ogbonnaya
    Living with oil: pollution and politics of loss and plunder in postcolonial Nigeria


  • Ifediora, John
    Sources of economic underdevelopment in Nigeria and proposed remedies
  • Opoku-Agyemang, Kweku
    The political and behavioral foundations of inclusive economic institutions: Susu collection in Ghana
  • Washington, Fred
    Donor ideology and implementation and recipient autonomy: a comparison of three religious organizations in Africa


  • Casal, Maria del Pilar
    Motherhood wage penalty and labor market segmentation in Argentina
  • Dougherty, Michael
    Peasants, firms, and activists in the struggle over gold mining in Guatemala: shifting landscapes of extraction and resistance
  • Toledo, Patricia


  • Al-Serhan, Muwafaq
    Addressing poverty and improving livelihoods in Bedouin regions of Jordan


  • Hernandez, Martin
    Changing livelihoods among low-income and rural households in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Galetto, Valeria
    Three essays on migration and local development in two rural communities of Western Mexico


  • Rojanasaeng, Nonglak
    Problems and prospects of adaptive co-management of coastal resources in Phangnga Bay


  • Majee, Wilson
    Cooperatives and the creation of social capital: a case of rural cooperative home care
  • Areethamsirikul, Sarinna The impact of ASEAN enlargement on economic integration: successes and impediments under ASEAN political institution
  • Heaton, Lisa Crafting strategies and contesting space: a multi-scaled case study on Guarani participation in national and subnational development planning and municipal politics in Comiri, Bolivia
  • Cormier, Kelley The nature and structure of contracts: a framework for understanding the process of institutional change
  • A.G. De Alencar, Frederico
    Basic education and public policies assessment in the Brazilian northeast region
  • Kuriakose, Anne
    Clusters, belts and schemes: governance and upgrading among handloom textile clusters in Andhra Pradesh, India


  • Chavunduka, Charles
    Devolution for Land Rights Control in Africa and the Role of Traditional Leaders: Lessons from South Africa's Experience 1994-2006


  • Sysamouth, Vinya
    Dai People's Indiginous Knowledge System of Communal Irrigation: A Case Study of the Adjustment of the Tai Lue to Centralized Policies in Xishuangbanna, Yunna, China


  • Mazvimavi, Kizito
    Socioeconomic Analysis of Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Resettlement Areas of Zimbabwe
  • Behrendt, Adam
    Bridging the Gap between Democratization Theory and Development Practice: Lessons from a Study of International Aid Programs for Strengthening Democratic Local Governance in Bolivia


  • Gustafson, James
    Power and Development: Sustainable Grassroots Development in a Thai Marginalized Periphery
  • Joseph, Edwin
    Responses to the Design, Application, and Management of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Datasets (Generated Models) for Managing Extension Programs (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Lledó, Victor Duarte
    Institutional Arrangements and Government Performance in the Brazilian Federation