Photo Credits

Header photo (right):
Credit: Laura Lartigue, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption: The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), an USAID-sponsored non-governmental organization is bringing citizens into the political dialogue through a nationwide civil society strengthening program. In this photo, taken in Bokariah village, Guinea, an IFES field agent explains to villagers how their tax money can be used to pay for community projects, like the construction of bridges or schools. Bokariah, Guinea.

Header photo (left):
Credit: © 2007 Sudipto Das, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption: A farmer and his family members plow the land in a village in West Midnapore, West Bengal, India

Standards of Performance

A student must maintain a 3.2 or better grade point average. With less than a 3.2 average, a student will receive a letter of warning and be placed on probation until the cumulative average returns to 3.2. The Program Chair, and if deemed necessary, the Governance Committee, will rule on cases of probation and suspension.

It is generally expected that students will not exceed the maximum time period prescribed by the Graduate School for completion of degrees which is five years maximum from time of passing the preliminary examination to defending and depositing the dissertation. The Program Chair must review all exceptions to this rule before an extension request is sent to the Graduate School. In general, if students do not finish in the maximum time, they are dropped from the program. Appeals for extension to the Graduate School will be approved only in exceptional cases where extenuating circumstances are involved.

All incompletes must be removed within two semesters or, for purposes of this program, students will be notified that they are making unsatisfactory progress. Students may be subject to probationary status as determined by Graduate School standards. All incompletes must be removed in accordance with Graduate School requirements before the prelim exam will be administered.

The student may appeal any ruling of the committee to the Program Chair, and if deemed necessary, bring it before the Governance Committee.