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Credit: Laura Lartigue, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption: The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), an USAID-sponsored non-governmental organization is bringing citizens into the political dialogue through a nationwide civil society strengthening program. In this photo, taken in Bokariah village, Guinea, an IFES field agent explains to villagers how their tax money can be used to pay for community projects, like the construction of bridges or schools. Bokariah, Guinea.

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Credit: © 2007 Sudipto Das, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption: A farmer and his family members plow the land in a village in West Midnapore, West Bengal, India

Program of Study

Upon enrollment, the student will develop a Program of Study Plan under the direction of the advisor that outlines required coursework drawn from the Development Studies core courses. The advisor chairs the student's committee and must be from the student's major discipline.

The student will form a three-member faculty committee consisting of members of the Graduate Faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.The committee must be interdisciplinary in nature. At least one member of the three member committee must represent the major discipline. At least two of the three members must be in the social sciences and at least two departments must be represented (departments with joint graduate faculties, i.e., Sociology/Rural Sociology or Economics/Agricultural & Applied Economics, are considered one department). If a student changes advisor or a committee member, the change must be reported in writing to the Program Office.

The committee members are responsible for approving the Final Program of Study prior to the student taking the preliminary examination (prelim exam), for administering the student's prelim exam, for approving and overseeing the research program, for approving the dissertation, and for administering the final oral examination. The student is expected to maintain regular contact with the advisor and to initiate periodic discussions of research and coursework with the advisor and committee members.

The Program Office is available to assist in facilitating discussions and faculty contacts. The student will meet with the committee at least once each year. The student can amend the Program of Study Plan at any time by consulting with the advisor and committee and by notifying the Program Chair. If a member of the initial committee is away from campus for a semester or more, the student and advisor may arrange for an alternate or replacement member as appropriate.