Photo Credits

Header photo (right):
Credit: Laura Lartigue, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption: The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), an USAID-sponsored non-governmental organization is bringing citizens into the political dialogue through a nationwide civil society strengthening program. In this photo, taken in Bokariah village, Guinea, an IFES field agent explains to villagers how their tax money can be used to pay for community projects, like the construction of bridges or schools. Bokariah, Guinea.

Header photo (left):
Credit: © 2007 Sudipto Das, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption: A farmer and his family members plow the land in a village in West Midnapore, West Bengal, India

DSP Mission

The mission of the program is to prepare Ph.D. graduates for careers in social science research, policy, and education related to international development issues.

The target audience includes:

(a) young people who wish to prepare themselves for careers in international development;
(b) mid-career international development professionals who will return to their original employer or employment sector after earning a Ph.D.

Applicants are expected to have experience working in developing countries. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary social science research and analysis designed to address the problems of developing and emerging economies.

The program serves a unique purpose, not just on campus but also in the U.S., and contributes to the University of Wisconsin - Madison's strategic priority of "accelerating internationalization" of university programs and curricula.

The Development Studies Ph.D. Program is jointly sponsored by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the College of Letters & Science. The Development Studies Ph.D. Program is offered through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School, and receives administrative support from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.