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March 2014

Featured Alumni Story from

Lual A. Deng, ('84)


January 2014

DSP alum Maria del Pilar Casal (2011) publishes articles in CEPAL and Economica


December 2015  

Congratulations! Paulina Calfucoy completed her degree advised by Gay Seidman.



Welcome to

The Development Studies Ph.D Program

DSP prepares Ph.D. graduates for careers in social science research, policy, and education related to international development issues.

The Development Studies Program will not be accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year.

DSP offers:

  • " opportunity to collaborate with colleagues with extensive experience in the field doing development, coming from all over the globe." -- Michael Dougherty (2011)
  • "...the possibility to blend ideas, interdisciplinary theories, practical experiences, and real world issues into a delicious research project." -- Sarinna Areethamsirikul (2007)
  • "...a unique opportunity to explore theoretical and methodological approaches through an interdisciplinary lens." -- Lisa Heaton (2007)
  • "... the multidisciplinary training to think 'outside the box' and to combine theories and methods in exciting ways." -- Rachel Sabates-Wheeler (2001)
  • "... the interaction between theories and practice, the links between intellectuals and practitioners." -- Yasushi Katsuma (1997).
  • "... the theoretical and historical understanding of development, the analytical skills and the research background and program implementation." -- Malcolm Childress (1995)
  • "... a unique and powerful intellectual platform." -- Burton Swanson (1974)